Here at NOFA Deen our goal is to grow ourselves as an exciting new concept, as we blend impeccable style, affordable prices, and top-quality along with our steadfast dedication to help the community we serve. Therefore, NOFA Deen has created a foundation named the NOFA Deen Foundation

NOFA Deen Foundation is an energetic global platform initiated with the ambition and with a vision to spread awareness across the globe. Our foundation upholds our values through the creation of solar panel operated mosques and water wells in Islamic communities. We aim to do everything we can to partner up with various members of the society as we make it easier for Muslim Communities to practice their deen and overcome socio-economic barriers through our guidance, education, and resources.

With every purchase made with NOFA Deen, a portion is donated to the NOFA Deen Foundation. This will help with charity projects so that the muslim communities we work with have ease of access to clean water and sustainable mosques.

For more information about our foundation, please visit!