Our Story

As a modestwear brand, our mission is to engage ourselves in expanding choices to express your beliefs, inner values, and modesty. We do this through a range of the highest-quality, elegant, and graceful clothing providing you ways to outwardly exhibit your sense of identity.


We place our faith that each person is exceptional and extraordinary as we emphasize individual drive and stress the need for positive articulations.

We created NOFA Deen with the purpose of providing elegance and modesty for an urban USA market through our modestwear according to the latest trends.


We embrace our disparities as equality and diversity are a focal aspect of our way of life as we stay resolved to encourage inclusion at all levels where everybody feels regarded and equally inclusive.

Our vision is to collectively style the future and lives of people as we share our unique creative collections and break down barriers. At NOFA Deen, we blend Khaleeji culture and Western traditions with a modest aesthetic.


Top quality clothing from the finest materials, highlighting the latest trends through our signature designs.